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About Special Rigs

This page lists some of the supporters of Special Rigs for Special Kids

These supporters and many others have been instrumental in making Special Rigs for Special Kids a success.
Please give credit to our supporters by purchasing their products or services. Click their logos to open their website in a new window.

If you are a supporter of Special Rigs for Special Kids and would like the opportunity to display your logo and have a direct link to your website please contact us via the contact page, thank you

Truck and Driver Magazine

New Zealand Truck and Driver Magazine is the official magazine of the Road Transport Forum New Zealand and is the only magazine that can give you access to the members of this strong industrial organisation.

New Zealand Post supporting Special Rigs

Community Post is a New Zealand Post sponsorship programme designed to support communities throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand Road Transport Association

New Zealand Road Transport Association offers local knowledge and expert advice on all aspects of running a transport business and some of the best deals around on essential goods and services.