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Our Next Outing - Route

Next Outing

This years fun day is to be held on Sunday the23rd August 2020. Hosted by the local transport industry to provide children with special needs, a chance to get close to the big rigs they see on the roads.

The invitation is for a child with special needs and a supporting adult to have a ride in a truck from Edgar Centre Portsmouth Drive to a venue to be advised where there will be a barbecue arranged.

The children will return to Edgar Centre Portsmouth Drive by truck.

  • Drivers and Special needs children arrive at Edgar centre Teviot street from 8.30am
  • Drivers Briefing 10.45am
  • Lead truck leaves at 11.00am
  • Heads down Teviot street to Andersons Bay Road
  • Left onto Andersons bay Road
  • Through roundabout
  • Right onto Queens Drive
  • Right onto Victoria Road
  • Right onto Forbury Road
  • Left onto David Street
  • Left onto Thorn
  • Left onto Playfair Street
  • Leads onto Corstophine Road
  • Follow onto Stevensons Road
  • Right onto Kaikorai Valley Road
  • Left onto Taieri Road
  • Follow over Three Mile Hill onto Dukes Road
  • Down Three Mile Hill onto Puddle Alley
  • Then onto Factory Rd
  • Turn left onto Hagart Alexandra Drive
  • Then turn left across the railway crossing Gordon Rd
  • Then straight through to Quarry Rd over Morris Rd to Fairfield
  • Follow through Fairfield to Green Island
  • Left onto Main South Road and Green Island
  • Proceed through Green Island
  • Take left onto Burnside Off-Ramp
  • Merge with traffic
  • Right onto Stevensons Road
  • Over Stevensons to Corstorphine Rd and playfair st
  • Right turn onto Thorn st
  • Rightt turn to David st
  • Continue to roundabout
  • Onto Forbury Rd
  • Continue to Victoria Rd
  • Turn left
  • Contine to Queesns drive
  • Left onto Queens Drive
  • Left onto Andesons Bay Road
  • Right at Roundabout to Portebello Road
  • Left onto Portsmouth Drive
  • Left into midland st approximately 12.30pm

Private Function for Special needs Children and Drivers.
Event concludes at approx. 2pm.