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Special Rigs for Special Kids provides an unforgettable experience to those kids who have special needs. This unique trip takes these special kids for a ride in a truck through the streets of Dunedin, ending up at a venue where food, drink and entertainment are provided.

To make the event a success there is a committee of volunteers, who donate their time and talents to organise this very special event. The committee is helped by many other volunteers who cook the BBQ lunch, help with parking, setting up and cleaning up the venue. The Police also have Officers who volunteer their time to help lead the convoy, do point duty and help with traffic flow. St John Ambulance also provides volunteers to help if any medical needs arise during the event.

If you are interested in finding out more about this annual event or know of a child who would enjoy the day please let us know and one of our committee members will be in touch with you.

Once you're involved (in the rides day) you're hooked. You rave on about the experience to people who wonder what you're on about. Then they go on a run themselves and are hooked in turn.

Greg Inch – NZ Truck & Driver Magazine August 2008